St Mary’s Catholic Primary School offers a holistic care of its students addressing their spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and cultural development. Our teachers and staff are dedicated to equipping each student with the skills and attitudes for life long leaning to help them reach their full potential and find meaning in a complex and challenging world.

As educators we are faced with the task of preparing our students, unlike any generation before, to think critically and analytically while acting with innovation and creativity. We know that students are more successful when they experience a broad, challenging and engaging curriculum; when they feel connected to their school and wider community; when they are healthy physically and emotionally; and when schools are safe and trusting places.


At St Mary's we love the energy and uniqueness of small children...


Early Years 1-4

St Mary's structures its Early Years to be exciting, challenging and rewarding for the students.


Years 5 & 6

Years 5 & 6 have been established to be more responsive to the needs of early adolescents.






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