Traffic Flow & Parking

As before and after school traffic is heavy and demands for parks are at a premium, we ask that you comply with the parking guidelines as outlined below for the safety of our students and the convenience of our parents.

The school has 2 main parking areas.

The parking bays in front of the school are short term. This area is designed for parents to drop off or pick up their children quickly and to depart the area without leaving their car. This allows the traffic to flow efficiently without long delays for waiting parents.

If parents wish to leave their car to collect their children or to see a teacher or other parents, the long term car parks are to be used.   These parks are the parellel parks in front of teh school and the long term carpark on the eastern side of the school.

The busiest time after school is from 2.55PM to 3.10PM. If you wish to avoid this peak time, try picking up your child just after 3.10PM. You will be assured of finding a park quickly and easily and your child will be waiting for you on the blue seats in front of the school.



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