Restorative Practices and Behaviour Management

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School has adopted a Restorative Practice approach to promote and sustain strong and healthy relationships in the school. 

‘Restorative’ means to give back; to repair the harm and rebuild; to reintegrate the person(s) who did the harm; and to restore a sense of well-being and connection.

Restorative Practice at St Mary’s School promotes resilience in both the one who is harmed and the one who causes harm. It is about helping our students become aware of the impact of their behaviour on others through personal accountability and being open to learning from conflict situations.

Restorative Practice is a proactive approach to behaviour management as it:

  • Educates students towards self-regulated positive behaviours
  • Promotes, nurtures and sustains healthy relationships across the school community
  • Enables students to be fully accountable for the real consequences of their wrong-doing and mistakes
  • Maximises teaching and learning outcomes by creating a more positive whole school culture